the princess of wales, Kate middleton has revealed with his body language, how he feels after the rumors of separation with the the prince William.

After Kate Middleton will point out that her husband, with whom she carries around 12 yearshas never had details with her, the British press supposes what would be a new crisis and possible separation of the Dukes of Wales, also noting that the prince would be having romantic escapades with his lover, Rose Hanbury.

And it was an expert body language analyst who analyzed the woman’s gestures, and what she found left her audience very amazed.

The analysis study was carried out when the Princess of Wales was reunited with her husband, after weeks of seeming distant. Kate was visiting the Cornish National Maritime Museumwhere she was very “charismatic” and provided “warmth” to the public.

Although the expert clarified that the princess was very close to the public, she could not hide that inside she felt uncertainty about her husband. However, it became clear that she no longer lives in “the shadow of her husband”, so she is not afraid of being very close to her public.

He could even compare it to the Princess Diananoting that she “Shows reflection and bonding that Diana used to be known for«.

Given this, the British people are once again puzzled about what could happen between the marriage of the members of royalty, and of course the rumors of an infidelity of Prince William against the princess increase.