Kate Middletonwife of prince william and future queen of England, is considered one of the most beloved and popular figures since the death of the Queen isabel II. According to experts, the Princess of Wales has the “required attributes┬╗ to be a successful queen and be in charge of rewriting the rules of the monarchy.

Darren Stantonan expert in body language, has revealed that Kate Middleton she is increasingly sure of her role within the royal family and that she has the ability to overcome crises as Queen Elizabeth did during her 70-year reign.

Apart from that, Darren highlighted the confidence and determination that Kate displays in public, also revealing that she has a great ability to connect with people and that she is fully committed to her role in the royal family.

The recent images of Kate Middleton training with a tire have gone viral on social networks and before this event Darren said:

The images of Kate pulling on the tires clearly demonstrate her willingness and confidence, as well as her ability to blend in with those around her.

The princess seems eager to look beyond the protocols and rewrite the rules, which is reflected in her relaxed posture and genuine smiles.

Body language experts agree that Kate Middleton she is prepared to be a popular and successful queen, with a great connection with people and great confidence in her role within the royal family.

The future queen has shown that she is totally willing to be a great leader and that she is very committed to the British people.