The British royal family is preparing for the coronation of the King Charles III and for now it seems that it will be an event that has generated great expectations among the followers of royalty. However, one of the big questions is whether the prince harry and Meghan Markle They will attend the event, this despite the fact that Harry has shown his desire to be part of the ceremony, his role would be secondary, since he abandoned his royal title a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile, Camilla Parkerhas made the decision to include his family in the event, a decision that has angered the vast majority of the members of the royal family, especially the prince william already Kate Middleton, well according to tradition, the direct grandsons of the king are in charge of carrying the canopy over the queen consort while she is anointed with sacred oil as part of her official transition to the throne. However, in this case, Camilla Parker has requested that her five grandchildren be in charge of carrying out this task.

This decision has generated controversy, since normally this task would correspond to the children of the prince william and of Kate Middletonwhat is known is that the prince george will have a task at the Coronation, but so far it is not known exactly what it will be.

Meanwhile, the prince harry He continues to try to fix his relationship with his family before his father’s coronation, but so far he has not received any response, in addition, it is not yet known if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be invited to the event or not.

Despite the controversies, royal supporters eagerly await the coronation of the King Charles IIIwhich will undoubtedly be a historic event and possibly generate new topics of discussion among fans of royalty.