On February 9, the princess Kate middleton and the the prince William came to falmouth, England, and were greeted by a crowd of people. Most of them seemed to be excited and congratulatory, but there was a small group of people who didn’t share the same sentiment.

This small group protested against the monarchy and made their discontent known with slogans and shouts, you could also read a sign that said “no more monarchy» which was held high for the royal couple to see, while the protesters wanted to be noticed and have their voices heard.

These types of protests are not new to the British royal family, in the past, there have been various acts of protest against members of the royal family. Such is the case of a recent one, when at king Carlos II Eggs were thrown at him at an event and he was accused of racism. However, these incidents did not have much of an impact on the Crown.

When the royal couple entered the place of their visit, one of the protesters was interviewed and expressed his disagreement with the institution of the monarchy.

He protested said:

It’s the 21st century, we don’t need a monarchy.

This is how the protester expressed it without fear of the cameras that were pointed at him. Although the incident did not escalate, the police intervened and handled the situation quickly, so the morning and the duties of the prince william and Kate Middleton They were able to continue without major problems.

This reassured fans of the royal family who spoke out on social media after the incident. In general, the visit Kate Middleton and the prince william was a success and there was an air of joy and bliss in the crowd.