The princess Kate Middleton and the one who could be her ex-husband prince williamthey are increasingly distant in their recent appearances, reaffirming what has been rumored for several months, their separation.

The couple who have had to deal with rumors and criticism from the British people are facing a marital crisis, after Kate made statements about the way her husband treats her lately, as she stated that he has never given her good details in his special days, even when he never receives bouquets from you.

In addition, the news gains strength due to rumors of Prince William’s infidelity towards his wife, with one of those who was the princess’s best friend, clearly causing a rift.

For these reasons, an analyst of people’s body language recently looked at the behaviors of the duchess of walesand stated that although she is still very close to the public, she is distant from her husband when she is next to him, because she knows about the rumors that are being created.

However, she recognizes that even if the rumors are true, she must keep the issues quiet and remain optimistic, so that she can save the good name of her family and also of the British monarchy.

However, the British people have been able to realize the distance between the couple, clearly causing a new controversy in the British crown.