The Dukes of Wales, Kate Middleton and the the prince William, recently they have been making exhaustive use of social networks, where they share more with followers of royalty, they have even released several exclusive images that had not been seen before. The entertainment media have pointed out these acts as a strategy of the British crown to begin to give a total change to the new mandate of the King Charles III.

The brand and culture expert, nick edethinks that Prince William and Kate Middleton have put into practice the media mode of prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle, since they recently shared some ‘behind the scenes’ videos just before the coronation. It is also believed that this could be an effort on the part of the British royals to adapt and survive the new digital trends.

The video published today shows us a rare point of view of the coexistence of the royal couple, during the weekend of the coronation of King Carlos III and his wife, now the queen camilla. The short film shows several moments fascinating before the coronation and after it, from the meeting with the fans in the Mall of London to the closing concert of the great event.

Now that all the festivities are over, the expert ensures that attention will be focused on the little princes heirs of the English monarch, and affirms that the princes of Wales have been trying to show a more human side with the help of their children.