Yesterday, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and the prince william They were together at the ceremony Bafta awards. There, they clarified the separation rumors, but they also had an emotional moment that brought them to tears.

Despite the great scandal that has been generated by the wave of rumors that affirm that the princes of wales they would be separating, the couple made an appearance at the Bafta awards, which recognize the best of the film industry each year.

However, there was a moment that moved many, including the royal couple, who cannot help but cry when listening to a tribute paid to the deceased. Queen isabel II.

british actress Helen Mirren, who won an award oscar in it 2007 playing Elizabeth II in ‘The Queen’, paid a very special tribute to the British sovereign that aroused the emotion of all those present, including the future kings of the United Kingdom.

The emotion was such that both could not avoid tears when they heard Mirren’s words to Elizabeth II:

“Without your support, the BAFTA they would not have been the same. It is indisputable that she has been the leader of the nation since her coronation and during her reign she met the biggest stars in this industry ยป.

On other issues, there are various media outlets that state that despite the fact that the prince william and Kate Middleton attended the baftas, his marriage would be in danger, thanks to an alleged infidelity that the eldest son of the King Charles III would have committed at the beginning of the year.