Recently, several photos of Kate Middleton and the prince william sitting on the bed eating a vegetarian sandwich while reading the new biography of the Prince Harry. These photos have sparked a lot of public debate, and all royal fans want to know what the Prince of Wales looks like at home, criticizing the Duke of Sussex’s new book.

However, these photographs are part of a collection. Alison Jackson She is the artist who decided to photograph two lookalikes of the British royal couple eating vegetarian sandwiches while reading the controversial biography of Prince Harry to show the world, using her imagination, what the Princes of Wales would look like in the comfort of your own home.

In a photo, Kate Middleton and the Prince William» They’re lying in bed, reading the Duke of Sussex book and sharing a plant-based sandwich, with the couple looking like we’ve never seen them before: relaxed and far from any act of royal family protocol, for that reason, the photo has generated great controversy to the Society around the world.

The artist also took photographs at the «King Charles III Y Camilla Parker» while eating hamburgers and reading Harry’s new book. In statements to «the sunAlison confirmed that at home, the Queen and her husband would opt for vegan food, as they are both environmentalists.

It should be noted that although the images are staged, it is believed that the royal family will never be seen holding Harry’s book, but for now Alison’s work has somewhat calmed the public about how members of the royal family take themselves. the revelations of the book, since for now, none of them have given statements about it.