The Wale’s princess and wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, He is already preparing to deal with all the problems and responsibilities that he will take on in the coming year. 2023. But without a doubt, what she is most focused on is facing the attacks of Meghan Markle, his brother-in-law’s wife Prince Harry.

The role that Kate Middleton will play as Princess of Wales (a title previously held by the late Princess Diana), will be very important in the year 2023. Why?

Prince William’s wife has an arduous task, since she will have to establish what positions she will take within the throne, assimilate public opinion and, above all, execute a plan to respond to Meghan Markle’s constant attacks.

The former American actress, along with her husband the Prince Harry, premiered a recent documentary on the platform Netflix, where they have given more details of the derogatory attacks that Meghan suffered living in the Buckingham Palace. Also, unsurprisingly, he also attacked Kate.

The entities that closely follow the royal family have been able to confirm that Meghan’s attacks on Kate have caused the latter to lose popularity in the USA. And his last visit with William to North American territory was proof of this, since they were even booed at an event.

It is that way, in what Kate Middleton has planned his task to evade Meghan Markle. The Wale’s princess has discovered that if he manages to increase his popularity with good deeds, the attacks of the Duchess of Sussex day by day they will stop making noise and with that, stop harming her.