“Pilsen clearly has the most experienced team of the extra league,” said Michal Brůna from Karviná, who has been to all three last finals. First as a player, now as a coach. “She confirmed her strength with the incredible elimination of Zubří. That had them on the shovel three times, when he led twice in the series and failed even in the decisive seventh shootout. “

According to Brůna, the little things will decide. “The current form of players, goalkeepers and, of course, referees. It will be every balloon, “he emphasized.

Can both teams catch a surprise? “Their coach Petr Štochl and I are making some changes, but we know each other well. It is clear that they will come at us with a 1 – 5 defense, which they have been playing for a long time and have. Few teams in the extraleague are able to compete against it, “said Brůna.

While the Pilsen team advanced to the finals after a five-match battle, the Karviná team crossed Dukla Prague in three matches. “They are professionals, well-trained,” Michal Brůna denies that Pilsen has less power. “They had a week to rest, which is enough. In more matches, their greater fatigue could show, but I don’t think so. “

In any case, the first match suggests a lot. “Certainly,” Brůna confirmed. “If we won, we could easily have the upper hand mentally. Now Pilsen is mentally well, because in the semifinals she was in an almost hopeless situation, but she managed it. “

For Karviná, better statistics speak in terms of shooting success, seven-meter throws and quick counterattacks, which appeared on the club’s website.

“I don’t know who makes them … I have completely different ones. But well, somehow it can be like that, “Brůna laughed. “But no statistics will affect the finals. We know where their strengths are, who their key players are, and they know the same thing about us. ”

In Karviná, the teams will play on May 14 from 5:00 pm and on May 21 from 5:30 pm, or on May 29 from 4:45 pm. It will be played in Pilsen on May 18 from 18:00, or on May 25 from 17:10.