Colombian singer Carol G has been on everyone’s lips due to the rumor that he would have resumed his relationship with the Puerto Rican Anuel AAand this video adds more evidence to the conversation.

Although the relationship of the artists was a few years ago, and even the singer is currently married to yailinthere is no doubt that whenever they see each other there is a joy in their eyes, as it happened in a past concert by La Bichota, when Anuel AA He surprised her and sang on stage with her, you could see the nerves and timid laughter of the two.

The fans have not been able to overcome what this romance was and they are always relating them, however, none of them affirms anything.

Recently there would be rumors about a possible reconciliation of the singers because it is known that the artist would be in marital crisis with yailin, Well, they don’t look as much in love as before, and although the married couple neither deny nor affirm it, the news with the Colombian is becoming more popular, since in a recent video of Bichota you can hear the voice of Anuel AA.

In the video where the two are related, the unquestionable voice of the Puerto Rican could be heard in the background while Carol G towards a story, after this recording the fans believe that the interpreter of «provence» she would be giving herself a new love opportunity with the singer.

It has also been related to Carol G with the singer pheid, and many details give them away, such as the fact that they use the same stickers on their cell phone covers. And although none of the singers claim anything, fans are waiting and collecting more evidence for when it’s time for reality.