Colombian singer Carol G, has been involved in strong dating rumors with the producer and singer Feid. And now, through the platform of TikTok, New evidence has been collected that would confirm that the couple of artists even already live together.

Through the social networks, The fans of Karol G and Feid have been investigating the most recent publications of both artists, since they are now assuring that the duo not only have a love affair, but that they would also be living together.

An image of her sharing her song ‘But you’, as well as the video of him doing the challenge of ’69’, his new collaboration with the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Nicky Jam, It has caused the fans and followers of the Colombians to compare locations and look for more than one clue and graphic proof that supports their theory.

And specifically, they are completely sure that they both already live together, even though they have not wanted to. make official their romance publicly.

However, the evidence and indications of his fight are quite compelling. In addition, the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, former partner of the interpreter of ‘Bichota’, He has assured that both do have a romance, since he attacked the interpreter of ‘Normal’ for that situation.

And you, do you think Carol G. and Feid are they already living together?