Singer Carol G. He recently publicly showed his support for the singer Shakira, after suffering an infidelity, after this the rumors of a musical collaboration between the two increased more.

Rumors of a possible collaboration increased considerably after the singer from Antioquia expressed her solidarity with the Barranquillera at a sporting event.

The subtle but direct message generated hundreds of reactions due to the closeness that the two singers would have. At the sporting event The Lakers, in The AngelsKarol attended with an unconventional outfit, but without a doubt everyone managed to understand the meaning.

The artist wore a t-shirt with a short skirt and large boots, and although it was striking, the most representative thing was the message on the shirt, since it would be a fragment of the collaboration of Shakira with the Argentine producer bizarre.

«I’m big on you» was the writing on the shirt, referring to the controversial relationship between Gerard Piqué and the Colombian. The woman from Antioquia had no qualms about wearing her outfit and posing for paparazzi photos.

Although an official collaboration has not yet been announced, nor have the singers referred to the topic, rumors claim that fans could hear the song from the two singers very soon.