The popular “Bichota” is on vacation after finishing his world tour, leaving us with burning photos that have captivated millions of fans around the world.

After finishing his world tour “Bichota Tour”, Carol G decided to take a well-deserved vacation on the beach. The Colombian singer has been seen enjoying the sun and the sea, in addition to showing her curves in a bikini and her cellulite without shame and with great pride, something that has amazed all her fans.

Although he has not specified exactly where he is spending these vacation days, what Karol G has done is show his millions of followers that he chose to enjoy his vacations at sea. Place that has witnessed the overflowing personality of reggaeton colombian and the great security she has of herself.

“I’m on vacation after a whole year of ‘Bichota Tour’ and I’m so happy, so patched up, so grateful for life that I needed to record this video for you to tell you that you are part of this and of me! and that I love you, that I salute you, ”said the artist through her social networks.

The fans of the Colombian reggaeton artist have not overlooked the photographs of their idol, recognizing the great security and self-esteem that she eradicates by letting herself be seen with all her imperfections, despite the fact that many other celebrities prefer to retouch these types of images for fear of criticism of his followers.