The popular and “talented” reggaeton colombian Carol G. caused a sensation in networks by posting some sensual photos on the beach to say goodbye to the year 2022. And based on this, various fans and Internet users affirmed that he would have dedicated them to his compatriot, the footballer James Rodriguez, who she has been linked to in relationship rumors.

On the occasion of the end of the year celebration, the “singer” Carol G. posted a series of photos from the beach on his official Twitter account Instagram, which caused a sensation among their fans and other followers.

The users, who again admired the enormous sensuality of “La Bichota”, also affirmed that the interpreter of ‘provence’ He dedicated these photographs to his new and alleged love, the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez.

The former girlfriend of the Puerto Rican ragpicker anuel aa He used his publication to leave a beautiful message of thanks to the year 2022 for everything he experienced throughout his 12 months:

«Thank you 2022 for how difficult you were but even more so, for everything you taught me. Every day I feel different, I feel happier, stronger, calmer, loving myself very much and appreciating every little gift in life and that infinite love from you that I never lacked.

the interpreter of ‘Catwoman’ He also recognized how difficult this year was and, above all, how strong he had to be to be able to face it and, in turn, continue working day after day in his professional career:

«I have the memories of many tears, of frustrations and questions and things that kept breaking my heart (perhaps to rebuild it more beautiful), but also dreams fulfilled, of endless smiles, of being able to visit the most incredible places I have ever known, and the wisdom of being able to say that I count the millions in health, family and good times”.

And you, did you like these sensual photographs of Carol G.?