The Colombian Reggaeton Carol G. he would have sent a hint to his ex-partner, after learning that his marriage to the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral has come to an end despite the fact that in a few weeks her baby cattleya will come to this world.

Social networks have been very aware of what Karol G updates on his official accounts. Many await his reaction to the separation of anuel aa and Yailin, and it seems that she has already done it.

the interpreter of ‘provence’ He uploaded some provocative photos on his official Instagram account, which drove all his fans crazy. However, many affirm that this is her reaction to the separation of the Puerto Rican ragpicker with the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’.

Let’s remember that Yailin He threw several hints at the Colombian while they were a couple Anuel, The same ones that made reference to the fact that she “stayed with him” while Karol did not.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Dominican He was in poor health after separating from Anuel. She is eight months pregnant, and prior to her rupture, she already had some complications in her pregnancy.

And you, what do you think about the provocative photos of Carol G?