Carol GColombian artist known worldwide, announces her retirement from the stage in 2023. Here are the details.

“The Bichota” has had her best year of her career, she is considered the number one female singer of the urban genre, being the motivation of many new artists.

The singer has won the hearts of her fans in each of her songs and by the humility of the artist as a person, recently demonstrating it with a fan who gave birth in one of her recent shows on her tour «Strip Love Tour«.

Carol Gthis year I am doing two tours called «Bichota Tour» and the aforementioned «Strip Love Tour», the latter held in the United States, which have been a success at the box office, proving why it is number one in the genre.

The interpreter of “The Makino”in one of his last shows he made an announcement that made more than one fan sad and thoughtful about the future of his career.

Strip Love Tour is soon to end, the tour has been full of surprises, both by the artist and by the public. On this occasion, her surprise was given by Carol G Seeing a poster of a fan, which said that she had gone to all her presentations and that she was going to follow her as far as the money reached her, it was there that the singer took the opportunity to give the statement.

Carol G said:

I have a concert, which is at the stadium in Puerto Rico and I don’t know if you’re going to have money for that, but Bichota invites you to that one, she takes you, travels you, gives you the backstage, so someone from my team please, to that they collaborate with me

Statement he gave just after saying:

It turns out that next year I’m not going to go on tour, I’m not going to go on tour.

Words that have generated anguish among his fans. Many wonder if it will be the end of Karol G’s career, while there are others who assure that it would be too soon to make that decision and that he is simply going to take a break due to the fatigue and stress that these years of work have generated. .