The reggaeton singer and Colombian dancer Carol G, has given a powerful response to the recent attacks that he has been suffering from his ex-partner, the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, who is also assuring that she and the reggaeton singer and producer Feid They do have a loving relationship.

In recent weeks, Anuel has done nothing more than make fun of his ex-partner Karol G. In his most recent concerts, has not hesitated to throw points and reveal to the public about her affair with Feid.

. “Could it be that Feid left her?” she was one of the hints that Anuel AA threw at him, the same phrase that he later wrote in his official account on instagram and that for this reason, caused an endless amount of criticism against him.

But ragpicker he did not stay with that, since in one interview She assured that she will premiere a song “ideal to fuck, to dance at the disco, herself so that she can take Feid and fuck him”, which suggests that Karol and the producer do have a relationship. Romance and the Puerto Rican knows it.

Given this, the interpreter of ‘provence’ has given a subtle response to the attacks that it has been suffering from the interpreter of ‘Alone’. The decision taken by the Colombian has been to eliminate all Photographs that he had with the singer on his Instagram. And it is that, almost two years after finishing, the postcards remained in his official account and everyone could see them.

Nevertheless, Carol G. Nor has he been saved from his ex-partner on this occasion, since anuel aa it has also reacted to his action; «What you deleted all the photos I think was your jealous boyfriend, said the ragpicker.