In an interview, Carol G. He made several confessions about his career and various controversial issues, answering the questions he was asked, among all this he revealed that some time ago, before accepting his most recent and successful collaboration, he had already denied a proposal to Shakira.

the little girl counted history how Shakira had contacted him to make an audiovisual song, in the month of June 2022, where he had to give him an answer negative because according to her she did not feel any connection with the song of the proposal.

That sounds a little complicated, but in the end when you’re going to make music you have to really feel it, for me doing collaborations doesn’t make sense, the song was incredible, but I didn’t feel how I could enter, make the song shine More, I don’t know, “he recounted in the interview for the international entertainment program.”

He also made it clear that the communication It was not directly with her, but everything remained between the work teams of each artist. But after she found out about the controversial situation that Shakira was going through at the time, she decided to call her directly from artist to artist and propose to “TQG”, where he thought that this was the perfect occasion to interact with Shakira.