Carol G. famous Colombian singer receives hate on her social networks for copying from the little princess of Pop, Britney Spears.

The singer and dancer Britney Spears, I had posted an image and they accuse the bichotaCarol G of having copied from their performances.

Britney, shared an emotional message referring to what it is to be a true queen, or What inY Carol In a few seconds I reply to the message as if it were his own.

britney spears shared: «A QUEEN is still a QUEEN no matter what you think of her. A woman’s self-worth is not determined by what she does. The value she places on her life de ella has nothing to do with whether or not you like her. She is going to love herself regardless«.

after a while Carol G copy to your account Twitter the same paragraph, which she put this time in Spanish and according to what she understood. Carol shared: «A queen is a queen, no matter what you think of her. Her value is not determined by whether or not someone likes what she is or what she does despite what you think, she will continue to love herself. She will still be a queen«.

Internet users reacted referring to the fact that he could have been more original in his messages, others applauded Carol for showing your support for the little princess of popbecause they felt that the support was given: «From one queen to another queen«. Even so, the reality is that Karol G simply quoted the “Toxic” singer, and put the quote in quotation marks so as not to steal her authorship.