The Colombian singer and reggaeton player Carol G. has caused an impact and commotion on social networks with its most recent announcement, since it confirmed that it will be temporarily reiterating music and stages after the recent premiere of his studio album ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’ and its simple ‘TQG’ In collaboration with Shakira. The reasons are directly involved in his artistic career.

“The Bichota” He has confirmed what his fans did not want or think to find out; She will temporarily withdraw from the stage and from music, and the reasons are linked to her desire to want to grow as an artist.

The latin star states that he needs to take a break because he plans to study other areas of the music, since she wants to be more involved in the creative process of it.

“This year I will not be on stage as much because I decided to take a break of the scenarios to be able to study and evolve in other aspects. I want to study because making music for myself on tour pushed me so much. Learning to record myself, learning to produce much more, learning to develop myself in so many aspects of my life, that before I was used to having someone do it for me”.

the interpreter of ‘provence’ He also stressed that he feels very happy about what is happening right now with his career, but that the decision he has made to retire is absolute and there will be no turning back.

This decision also raises even more doubts about her currently being in a loving relationship with the singer and producer. Feid. Both have been linked to numerous dating rumors, and evidence has even been revealed that they have been dating on several occasions.

But in the end, Karol is still very determined to what she is going to do and no one will be able to change her mind, so all her fans and followers are going to have to say goodbye to new premieres and concerts of the colombian for a time.

And you, what do you think about the decision he has made? Carol G.?