The Colombian singer recognized with her stage name Carol G, He made a strange request to his family for when the day of his funeral arrives, the artist’s request has left his fans speechless.

The “bichota»He anticipated to his fans and family what he hopes they will do the day his wake arrives, he also gave him some indications, because the artist wants everything to be well organized.

The paisa singer who has had a year 2022 Full of success and recognition for his talent, he is enjoying himself in his native land, Medellinwhere he shares Christmas dates with his family.

She has also dedicated time to her fans, since she was recently seen in a nightclub giving a special and private show to those who accompanied her in the rumba.

But since artists always try to leave a legacy or request to their relatives before their deathsKarol G. It was no exception, the paisa confessed to her relatives that she imagines a wake very much in her style.

She hopes that her relatives do not suffer sadness, instead she prefers that they throw a party in her name and admitted that she will take the trouble to leave a playlist especially for the moment, in the mix of songs there are some for her relatives “let off steam»and others so that the rumba is the best.

In addition to the unique recommendation, she asked her relatives to listen to the playlist in the order in which she is going to leave them. Her fans, although surprised by her request, ask her Carol G. that she take good care of herself so that she does not have to carry out the event that she requests.