Carol G. She is one of the Colombian singers who stands out the most internationally, counting on her social networks with Millions of followers, such is the case of Instagram, where she has more than 58 Million and the followers are in charge of keeping an eye on what happens in the life of the artist

The relationship between the singer Carol G. and he is also a singer anuel aa was critically praised, but after years of bliss, the relationship fizzled out and the couple decided to part ways. After that breakup, “The Bichota” It has not been seen with new love ties, but apparently that could have changed.

On social networks, Internet users were able to see that Carol G. and the singer-songwriter Feid shared an important date over Christmas, as they were at the same place and time on the same day, and dating rumors have been circulating ever since they collaborated on “Geek” and when Feid appeared on stage with Carol G..

Now you can see how the two artists celebrated the day of the candles together, both posting photos from the same place, he doesn’t know exactly where they are, but they seem to be enjoying a party and fireworks in a private house overlooking the city.

The relationship has not been officially confirmed for now, but there are rumors that there is something between them and so many coincidences made their followers suspect that they already suspect what is happening.