Everything seems to indicate that Carol G. he is aware of the news that his ex-partner gives, anuel aa. Well, now that it has been confirmed that Anuel and Yailin They have finished, the Colombian has launched a hint through her social networks.

The famous Puerto Rican singer caused a stir on social networks after the announcement of his marital separation with Yailin. The 30-year-old singer confirmed the news in a live broadcast on his Instagram account, despite the fact that his wife is a few days away from giving birth.

The couple’s rumored estrangement had been a recurring theme of late, but until now anuel AA she had preferred to keep any information regarding their marriage private. However, in his recent live broadcast, the singer did not hesitate to confirm the separation and clarified that the decision was due to “Life things”.

After this news, Carol G. He has spoken on the networks and has caused a stir after publishing a post on his Instagram account. Despite being single, the singer has proven to be in one of the best stages of her life, both professionally and personally.

In her latest post, the artist shared a series of images in which she shows off a mint-colored mini dress and a cap on a bed, causing the admiration of her more than 58 million followers. The post has surpassed four million likes and has generated a wave of praise from fans, who assure that anuel it won’t take long to call her.