The iconic Colombian singer Carol G.who is about to release her new music album, would include a song dedicated to her ex-partner anuel aa.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro her first name, and better known as Karol G, revealed a few days ago on her personal Instagram that the next May 24 would release his new musical album titled «tomorrow will be nice“, which includes around 17 songs.

The curious thing about the case is that among his songs he includes one that is addressed to his ex-partner Anuel AA, after learning of his separation with the Dominican Yailin the most viral.

The new songs are given in collaboration with various artists such as Romeo Santos, Sech, Quevedo, Bad Gyal & Sean Paul, Ovy On The Drums, among other artists of international stature.

Although some of the songs have already been released, the release of songs such as: “Mientras me curo del cora”, “Pero tú”, “Besties”, “Tus gafitas”, “Mercurio”, among others, is still awaited. 12 songs. The exciting thing for his followers is that there are some in particular that are aimed at Anuel AA.

Among these is “X if we come back» theme that clarifies that although two people were a couple for a long time, they did not understand each other in a loving relationship, but they continue to have conversations for clandestine calls, similar to what happens with the Puerto Rican.

In addition, his followers wait to hear the other songs, assuring that another of them has a forceful indirection to the ex-husband of Yailin.