Colombian reggaeton singer and composer Carol G. would be celebrating in style the end of the marriage between anuel aa and Yailin the most viral, since the star was the victim of several hints that her ex-partner would have thrown at her to make fun of her and her bachelorhood.

Although it was never known exactly what could have been the reasons why anuel and Karol separated almost two years ago, the two stars over time confirmed that they do not get along at all.

Since the interpreter of ‘Baby’ began his romance with Yailin the most viral, a more different personality and full of ego could be witnessed. He did not care about the criticism that her new romance could receive, but it seems that the mockery that the Colombian fans made of their relationship could have affected him.

Hints and even mockery by Anuel and Yailin would have been proof that he felt a bit overshadowed by his ex’s support. However, Carol He never made a statement about it.

But now, and with the confirmation that the marriage of the ragpicker and the influencers has ended despite the fact that they are expecting a baby, the reggaeton singer would be most happy, since it is said that Anuel has not yet been able to overcome the and that would be one of the reasons why he no longer wanted to continue his marriage with the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’.

Meanwhile, Carol G. He continues to work hard on his music career, which has grown tremendously since he parted ways with Anuel AA. It seems that without a doubt, moving away from the Puerto Rican star only did him a favor in his artistic profession.