Carol G. She is a Colombian singer strongly positioned in the urban genre and is known in much of the world, she has broken a large number of records and has achieved many titles throughout her career. Recently, the artist became a trend in the networks, since she took the time to reply to a comment to a fan and uploaded the response to her Instagram stories, something that few artists usually do.

Carol G. She had decided to share a photo session with her millions of followers on social networks, however, many Internet users began to belittle the singer and make negative comments about her physique.

He does not know who was the person in charge of making this comment, because Carol G. He decided to hide his identity, it is believed that for security reasons, because if he did not do so, the followers faithful to the singer could attack this person with inappropriate messages.

The comment says:

Those photos were made by his worst enemy, it doesn’t favor him at all, you can see his tummy and now it’s not that I like them, because it’s my humble opinion.

The same person in charge of the comment asked that they not attack him and that they understand that it is only his “humble opinion.”

The answer of Carol G. It was well received by the people, who have shown their support and have appreciated the singer’s very polite response to this harsh criticism.

On the other hand, there are those who suspect that Carol G. She could be pregnant or would be planning to be, because in her response she assured that she was not judicious with exercise for a long time, but even so «she will be able to look even bigger«.

This answer from Carol G. In his social networks he does it to demonstrate two things. The first would be to demonstrate the criticism that women receive daily from men who have a wrong ideal of a “perfect body«.

The second thing I wanted to show is that all women are perfect in their own way, encouraging women to love their body as it is and not give importance to the negative comments of people who do not know everything they have had to go through.

Carol G. She has made clear on several occasions the enormous desire to be a mother and it seems that she would be close to being able to fulfill that dream.

Do you think that Karol G could be pregnant or that she will be soon?