The popular Colombian reggaeton Carol G would have confirmed his relationship with the singer pheid in his most recent post on his official account Instagram, causing thousands of fans to start speculating on the subject.

In her most recent appearance on networks, Karol G published eight photos that delighted her fans and also gave clues to what would be her new relationship with the popular singer and producer.

And it is that, they are talking about that publication because in the stories of this same social network, the interpreter of ‘Catwoman’ He explained each of his photos.

but the photo that impressed the most was number 7, because this is what Karol wrote about photography:

“You took it from me after the party [emoji de carita salivando]”

In the photo she is lying, face down, in what appears to be a hotel bed; she has her bare torso, so we can see her back, at the bottom she wears a jean.

However, what Internet users stand out the most are the stickers on the cover of his cell phone and the watch he is wearing, since they are identical to those currently used by Feid.

According to various internatuas, the stickers on the cell phone cover of ‘The Bichota’ They are the same stickers that the singer Feid has on his cell phone.

“The sticker of the flower and the little heart is the same as the one that ferxxo has on his cell”, “The same sticker as feid”, “@feid’s cap says Carolina, plus the stickers on both cell phones” are some of the comments that are read in the publication and that have already spread in other social networks.

And you, when do you think Carol G formalize your relationship with Feid?