February 13 was the birthday of the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G, and several news outlets are affirming that the interpreter spent the day with her ex-partner, the Puerto Rican ragpicker anuel aa and who is currently in the eye of the hurricane after announcing his break with the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral.

Today, various media such as RCN, They have reported that Karol G would have celebrated his 32nd birthday with Anuel AA, in the midst of the separation that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ He lives with Yailin, who will be the mother of his baby Cattleya, who will come into this world in a few weeks.

Several viralized a video where you can see “The Bichota” with his current look celebrating his day, while in the background, the voice of the Puerto Rican ragpicker was heard celebrating his birthday.

According to what is said, the former romance would have gone to celebrate in a luxurious and reserved hotel where she also shared with her family and with some close friends who were present at the place.

“They swear that that day the babies were seen in that hotel. What we can say is that anuel aa and Carol G. They have not given an end to their love, because the same family of the Puerto Rican want him to return with the Colombian, since this would have done the rapper good, “says the outlet.

And you, what do you think of these controversial statements?