Rumors of an alleged courtship between the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G. and the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez, they have revived again. This after a series of events that have caused more rumors in their environment.

Apart from the fact that Karol G and the soccer player James Rodríguez share their nationality, James also has similar tastes to the singer when it comes to listening to music, and that is why the player does not take off for a second on his cell phone when Karol announces a new release .

The footballer no longer finds it difficult to admit that he likes to be one of the first to listen to the interpreter of ‘Provence’, cynicism and enthusiasm is also noticeable through social networks, where the athlete He does not stop liking his photos once they are uploaded on his official account Instagram.

But what has drawn attention is specifically the photos that James likes, since it is in those moments when she dazzles her charming silhouette.

Recently, Carol G. He delighted all his millions of fans by focusing from below, the pose, the look and the angle was perfect to attract attention and for millions of reactions to rain down on him and where is James’s going.

As can be assumed, Rodríguez loved photography, where he left his evidence in millions of followers without any penalty.

The idea that a romance between the two could grow is more current than ever, after seeing the likes that James Rodriguez hidden in the photographs “The Bichota”

And you, do you think there is a romance between the two celebrities?