Colombian singers Carol G. Y Feid, They have once again shown their romance, which although they have preferred to keep it hidden, its details give it away. This time the couple’s opportunity to show their love was the Christmas season.

After several months ago rumors have been made about the relationship between the artists, some photos would make it more than clear the reality of the relationship that makes all the fans of Carol G.since when his relationship with the Puerto Rican ended anuel aa It didn’t look good on him and he was hesitant to find love again.

The coincidences by which the fans relate them have been several, the singers have been seen wearing the same clothing, they also have some identical stickers on the lining of each cell phone, and the most recent was when the followers caught Carol G. at[person]’s house Feid.

Although neither wants to confirm the romance yet, and the singer Feid On one occasion he responded to the question about whether he was the boyfriend of Carol G.with a resounding «NOT«There are already too many clues. Their fans say they make a cute couple and they shouldn’t hide their relationship anymore.

However, even if they do not want to expose their love life, all the media are waiting and this time they found out that the couple spent the candlelight day together, each one uploaded photos and videos separately, but again the coincidence was the place, making it clear that they were together celebrating and that their relationship goes beyond the professional.