The popular Colombian singer Karol g has been posting hot photos on his official account of Instagram, but beyond the hotness of his publications, he has also left several phrases that have ignited the controversy around the former partner, the reggaeton Anuel AA.

The artist showed the cover of a female empowerment book. The title is Women who run with the wolves and although it seemed like a normal publication, with the passing of time many users noticed a coincidence.

Just before Karol g published his photos, Yailin, who was very caramelized with Anuel, and with whom the artist is believed to be dating, published a photograph referring to the “wolves”. In his personal account, Karol g wrote:

“Remember that a silent wolf ‘does more than a barking dog.”

For his part, Yailin also wrote:

“Remember that a silent wolf ‘does more than a barking dog.”

The coincidence left several users intrigued and dismayed, as many think that hints are being sent, but why?

It is worth mentioning that many followers are aware of the career and life of Anuel and Karol G, who maintained a relationship that gave much to talk about.

Do you think both women had an internal discussion and that is why they are sending hints on Instagram?