Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti They continue to give people something to talk about, but on this occasion Shakira is not involved and has nothing to do with the couple’s relationship, since a video has come to light a long time ago that could reveal that the former soccer player and the young woman clear they are going through a difficult period and it is believed that they will soon separate.

Let’s remember that Clara Chia Marti Y gerard They began their courtship just a few weeks after the former soccer player ended his relationship with Shakira, it was even said that gerard He was cheating on Barranquillera with the 23-year-old girl.

A video that went viral on social networks is that of the appearance of gerard in the Davis Cup final, since his company «kosmos» was one of the sponsors and clear He was also present, in the video the former Spanish soccer player is seen leaning in to kiss his girlfriend, while the image shows Gerard Piqué wiping the kiss

Netizens have started debating whether the Spaniard really made a nasty gesture towards his girlfriend, or if it was just the camera angle that made it look like he was wiping his lips from the kiss, as it has even been said that this could be a sign that Pique Y clear they are having problems.

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