Kim kardashian continues her path to singleness steadily, but her future ex-husband, the rapper Kanye West, he does not lose hope of recovering the one he still calls his wife.

businesswoman, influencer and socialite Kim Kardashian made a formal request to a judge to have her last name Kardashian reinstated in her signature and to stop being called Mrs. West.

This afternoon, the prestigious medium TMZ published on her website the documentation in which Kim requested to become a single woman legally. Everything seems to indicate that the socialite is ready to leave behind her married name, even when she is part of two of her businesses KKW Beauty and the fragrance KKW, acronyms that she formed with the initials of her married name.

This paperwork is made public just hours after Kanye West begged her to come back with him during the concert that Kanye and Drake performed for the Free Larry Hoover movement, held this Thursday night, a presentation in which Kim was also present: “I need you to run back to me,” the rapper said into the microphone.

Among the audience for this Los Angeles concert were Kim and his eldest daughter North West, so when the rapper asked his wife to come back, his request was also heard by his 8-year-old daughter. Although the rapper has not tired of speaking publicly about his wishes for his wife to return with him in a romantic way, this week, a source confessed to People that Kim is every day more sure of the decision he made when divorcing:

“She’s moved on, but she knows it’s hard for Kanye to deal with it, she’s not surprised that he begs her in public to run back to him. She’s just trying to be respectful about it