The controversial rapper is once again in the eye of the hurricane by announcing that he has rewritten the bible, where there is a new protagonist impersonating God.

The actions of the controversial and popular American rapper Kanye west They are still bizarre, both his personal life and his actions have been the subject of various opinions that describe Kanye as a person with notable personality problems.

And now, his new occurrence, has revealed his lack of normal reasoning, after announcing that he has written a new bible where he will be the new God, and describes it as “The modern Bible”

His own version of the Bible has been titled “The Book of Yeezus”, in which he replaced any place where God was mentioned by his name ‘Kanye’, which is generating harsh criticism from people and religious institutions who claim that Kanye is playing to believe himself “the new God”.

In social networks, criticism and ridicule have not been long in coming, many internatuas suggest that West should urgently go to a psychologist and be admitted to a care institution for people with mental illness.

And you, what do you think about the new occurrence of Kanye West?