Tunka was 5.92 seconds short of the final plate in the 21st place. 2019 Junior World Champion Galukov finished 17th in the semifinals, 4.68 seconds behind the advance. Despite the fifty-second penalty, Fierov placed second to last in 29th position.

Pindi won the first quarter of the qualification ahead of Prskavec, so they both completed the semi-final races. The world champion from 2015 and 2019 and the owner of two other bronze medals, Prskavec with an ace of 95.86 finished fifth because of a touch on the goal of slo 9, otherwise he would have finished with the ace of the Slovenian Peter Kauzer.

I would describe it so that the Augsburg gods, or rather the gods of Eiskanal, were very much against me today. I know the procedure all the more, because basically in the first two passes, maybe in the second it was a little bit my fault, but in the first one I stand behind the fact that I had a big permission for water there. A bubble went there, which is really only there once in a while, and it knocked me down, said Spruce.

I knew that I had lost a lot of time and basically I was able to throw it behind me and get into my dream, I would almost say considering the ride that I ride in the final, and with that I was able to ride everything. I don’t know if there’s anyone ahead of me with an ear, but it’s going to be hard to beat the fastest times. So, I take it as a way that I am proud of what I was able to do in the semifinals. The reserve is there, added Prskavec.

Pindi, who has a medal from the 2017 World Cup, drove safely and took the position 55 hundredths behind the winner. I will ride the final ride on the most famous track in the world in front of a huge audience, and that has its own meaning for me, because I was really looking forward to it, that we will be able to seduce here. I hoped to advance to the final, and I advanced relatively not completely smoothly, but without all the problems, so I am satisfied, said Pindi. ampion, five years ago, Tunko, who then led Pindie, did not win the fight for the final.

Antonia Galukov

Twenty-one-year-old Galukov did not repeat her final performance at the German World Championships in Bratislava, where she finished fourth. I had one uk there that I didn’t like very much, but I thought it might be there. And I missed it downstairs, where the combinations were really bad. At the end of the track, it’s not easy, and I didn’t run out of water even once, said Galukov.

Fierov, who will complete all disciplines at the ampiont and will fight for a medal in the canoe on Sunday, had a lot of problems with the nrono. I thought that the track would fit me because it is black, alas, it was not. I wasn’t riding full time, I think you could see that it wasn’t fully sliding from top to bottom. There were two touches, one fifty, damn it. I hope she sleeps well tomorrow, declared Fierov.