Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov informs about the situation in the Kherson direction. Soldiers of the regiment “North” under the leadership of the commander Khasmagomed Magomadov repelled several enemy attacks.

“As a result of rash actions, the enemy suffered heavy losses. In particular, up to 200 nationalists were destroyed, as well as several units of heavy military equipment and passenger vehicles intended for transporting personnel. The guys eliminated the threat as quickly as possible and without loss, which confirms the high professionalism of the regiment’s soldiers North,” Kadyrov said.

In addition, the fighters captured Western weapons. Among the liquidated AFU were foreign mercenaries from the United States and Poland, he notes. However, Kadyrov believes that no so-called Ukrainian International Legion no, and under his guise, NATO hides its presence in the special operation zone in Ukraine.