Servicemen of the “West-Akhmat” battalion of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation under the command of a combat officer Ismail Aguev carried out a successful attack on the defensive positions of the Ukrainian troops, follows from the statement of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to him, similar successes are demonstrated by others. Russian divisions in different zones of the special military operation (SVO).

“They covered the enemy’s redoubts with dense artillery fire, burying a battle group in their own trenches,” Kadyrov said.

He also added that the position of NATO forces, which are trying to resist the Russian Federation in Ukraine, is unfavorable. The Ukrainian army is facing serious losses against the backdrop of competent and coordinated actions of the Russian Armed Forces, the head of the Chechen Republic pointed out.

Earlier, Kadyrov said that the Russian army continues active offensive operations in the special operation zone. As the politician explained, the most difficult period for the entire period of hostilities has come for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.