A renowned group of k pop was forced to perform at a concert despite having an illness considered very serious, the group was being threatened by their agency.

The members who are now trying to cancel their contract with the agency are very sad, as they could only do so after paying a large sum of money that the agency demands.

Last November 11th this year, a video went viral showing the CEO of this group causing physical and emotional damage to the members, because they did not comply with a requirement that she requested, the requirement was to read aloud in front of the entire public a note of thanks to the staff of SpireEntertainment.

After what could be seen in the video, kang, who would be the CEO, continued her annoyance at the hotel where she called the boys late at night and left threatening messages.

According to the members: «Kang frequently called us late at night and lectured us for 1-2 hours. He also messaged us incessantly on KakaoTalk and threatened us if we didn’t reply. Some of the members who suffer from anxiety disorder have had a very hard time due to threats.

The group would be the famous omega-xwho in addition to suffering all the damage had to appear at a concert where they felt very sick, this because some of the members tested positive for Covid-19according to the members she only said: «Prepare yourselves mentally and take the stage«.

This demonstrates the unprofessionalism of the group’s manager, because like anyone else, the singers had to take their strict quarantine and not expose the fans who support them. now the group omega-x, he only seeks to end the contract and establish more freedom in his performances.