In April, five non-governmental organizations called on the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurek to end any cooperation with the Movement for Life. It was signed by an organization of 4,000 people.

The fact that the representative of the movement advised Minister Jurek, for example with family policy, was particularly problematic, said Amnesty International Erik Barto for According to the organizations of the Movement for Life group, it is non-transparent and has long been striving for the legal destruction of perennials and limited first.

So far, we have not received a reply to our letter, said Hana Stelzerov, editor of the Czech lobby. At the same time, she emphasized to that the activities of the Hnut pro život association are being watched with concern.

We communicate with all politicians, to the movement

Manually manipulate the public currency and hide your real duties. The Movement for Life, contrary to the long-term attitudes of experts and the public, seeks to destroy abortion and acts non-transparently. We believe that the ministry should not cooperate with them, Stelzerov emphasized.

Eva Davidov recently spoke in favor of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Denk N confirmed cooperation with the movement. The exact outlines of the cooperation did not explain the bag. The editorial staff also asked about the cooperation with the movement, this time David’s bag was twisted.

We do not cooperate with the movement. This entity is not and was not a commentary of the ministry, so we can rule out that we would consult with us in any legislative draft, she said in the answer on Thursday.

The movement itself for the editorial office claims that it communicates with many politicians and councils. We communicate with many politicians, councils and other public institutions about measures that make it easier for families to eat an unexpected child, especially in situations where a woman is forced to have a miscarriage by a partner and circumstances, said Radim Uch of Hnut pro život.

According to political scientist Valee, the cooperation between similar organizations and the ministry is not right. Ministries in particular and their directors should be the public authorities. Their decision should be independent and impartial, which respects the public interest. Not private, Vale said. According to him, this may affect the way the decision is made: It is a very alarming element.

The supporters of Hnut pro život lived through Prague, and a police officer separated them from their squirrel (April 30, 2022).

He thus said that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs should end the possible cooperation with the movement. The ministry should monitor the public interest, which should be based on professional analysis. It should act like an ad, the political scientist said.

Ministry of Labor in published a press release at first. According to him, the movement was not and was not a place of remembrance. According to the ministry, this means, for example, that there were no legislative drafts.

As for the recent years of the movement towards abuse in Ukraine, we have strongly condemned them and consider them very inappropriate. As a ministry of labor and social affairs, as well as a minister, we are here to work for all Czech citizens, said Minister Marian Jureka. He added that he listens to everyone.

We consider this to be very inappropriate

Sweat drew the attention of the movement when it condemned the collection to buy contraceptive emergencies for women rape against Ukraine by Russian troops. Then the web A2larm He noted that the movement as a prevention against violence recommends that Ukraine send horns, pumps and electric stun guns to prevent further violence.

Postinor gout one day before the intolerant, they said on their Facebook page. There is no tablet for any violent woman. Movement sweat erased. Newspapers and other experts set out against him on the social grounds.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, David’s resort also condemned the year. We have strongly condemned him and consider it very inappropriate. The Ministry strives to prevent any violence against women, and for example, we unequivocally support the legislative regulation, which tightens the definition of criminal offenses intensively, she told

If you have any questions about the individual form of assistance to women forced to undergo an abortion, please contact the head of the Helpline Zdek Rybová, added Uch z Hnut pro život for

According to the Chamber of Deputies’ first, Zdeka Rybov works as an assistant to MP Alee Juchelka. The editorial staff of submitted it one week later, but the bag has not yet responded.

It could deviate decisively

Political scientist Vale told that the vbr assistant is, on the one hand, entirely in charge of the current politician. I would understand this in the case of KDU-SL, but I would ask a question for others. However, it is not just an organization that, but unfortunately connected to the state, suggests that it is a lobbying organization, Vale warned.

He also noted that this can be a problem for public authorities. This could significantly skew their decision-making from an objective view of things, the political scientist added.

The Alliance for the Family also cooperates with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. She opposes LGBTQ people and same-sex marriages. We are part of a working group on the Concept of Family Policy, again as one of several organizations. Due to the fact that the working group did not even go, I can not do more or more, said Jana Jochov, chairwoman of the organization, for She stated that their work in the ministry was not honorable.

The supporters of Hnut pro život lived through Prague, and a police officer separated them from their squirrel (April 30, 2022).

Under the previous leadership, our organization had its accession to the ministry closed, although we represent a relatively strong current of society. Unfortunately, this was reflected in the content of the Family Policy Concept. But nobody cared, nor did they. We are now under absolute scrutiny. But for them, we have nothing to hide, she said, according to Jochov.

At the same time, she insisted that the organization was now disinforming the campaign with funding from Russia. This is absolutely nonsense and we are preparing steps to take action against this outrageous woman, the chairwoman added.

The ministry wants to open a year of debates

Amnesty International Barto spoke for pointed out that the movement does not hide its often extreme attitudes. The Alliance for the Family has long strived to perpetuate inequality and discrimination against the LGBTI + community.

According to the Davidov ministry, this does not mean that this organization should automatically receive all the legislative rights that the ministry is preparing. According to the resort, however, I am involved in the discussion on specific issues.

The ministry wants to open a year of debates. Of course, we are sensitive to the issue of family policy, which, unfortunately, has not received much attention recently. We want to fix that. We pay the consultation that we consult with all organizations and experts, always according to specific topics, added Minister Jureka.

In connection with this, political scientist Vale drew attention to the discussion on official service. The government’s efforts to eliminate it and release it to the public were former politicians, comrades and lobbyists from similar organizations. This is a simple counterpoint against the democratic first state and a functioning public administration, he warned.

According to him, the public administration must be apolitical. The fact that the Minister has a similar employment organization is very dangerous. In the sense that two people prefer to others and that one is ideological and not professional. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs should first take professional decisions, he added.

Nedvno Denk N he drew attention to the cooperation of the Alliance for the Family with the Ministry of Justice. Songs with the Minister Anton Stanislav. Jan Gregor, vice-chairman of the conservative organization, can advise this.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, Vladimír Epka, stated for that Gregor, with regard to his qualifications, was performing an analytical and consulting activity for the Ministry concerning the importance of the private first.

He has worked with the ministry since mid-April on an agreement to carry out the work. The Ministry of Justice collects suggestions from various current streams when preparing legislation and takes the spectrum of broad spectrum in weight. Mr. Gregor represents the first one of the current streams, he said.