The golden maknae from bts has several habits that are adorable for everyone ARMY, since they represent his great personality and charisma as a person.

What are some of those habits? Jungkook? In world music We have listed 3 of the most well-known habits that Jungkook has on each occasion and that have made a difference among his fans.

1: Smell other BTS members

Every time Jungkook gets a chance, he sniffs his necks. hyungs, their shoulders or their heads. Jungkook also does it delicately and the members of bangtan they are used to it, so they let him do it without putting buts or problems.

2: Covering his ears when he is embarrassed or very happy

If there’s one thing ARMY loves, it’s when Jungkook covers his ears with both hands when he’s nervous or can’t hide his happiness. This fact has been recorded in videos and photos that ARMY has shared on her social networks.

3: Pinch your nose when you smile:

ARMY relates Jungkook to the emoji of a rabbit because of his teeth, since when he smiles and hugs his nose, his two front teeth stick out and give him a tender touch that completely touches his fans. Without a doubt, this is one of the gestures that all the ARMY loves the most.