The golden maknae of bts wore an extremely luxurious car that has shocked everyone ARMY.

Through their social networks, Jungkook He shared at some point a photo where his car can be seen, and according to what was investigated by his thousands of followers, it would be a car model valued at hundreds of thousands of Dollars. The BTS member drives a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 2. A LUXURY!

This car would have a price of 161 thousand 900 dollars, that is, 3.2 million pesos. In addition, it is black with luxury finishes and apparently it would have been customized with light, since the Golden Maknae posed with pink lighting coming from the ceiling.

Although idols are rarely seen driving, they are known to have a collection of millionaire cars, as many have declared themselves fans of sports cars.

Adding to it, Jungkook He has also proven to be a very good driver, since every time he has been seen driving, it has been possible to see that the idol Drive responsibly and prudently.