The golden Maknae from bts had a very tender reaction to meeting his biggest crush, making everyone move ARMY.

ARMY knows very well that Jungkook is a devoted fan of the South Korean soloist UI, The Idol describes her as his ideal type of girl and maintains his great desire that one day he can collaborate with her. . But, the 24-year-old artist has already had the opportunity to meet her and her reaction has touched the entire ARMY.

Jungkook and IU have attended the same meetings, sat close together, and she even once interviewed every member of BTS. In several videos that circulate, the idol’s reaction could not be hidden and it is that during one of her speeches she was very smiling.

In social networks there are also other videos where she avoids looking in her direction or is surprised when they stand next to her, where her gaze changes completely and she even blushes.

ARMY was moved by Jungkook’s reaction to meeting IU for the first time, as they know that he has been his crush for a long time.