According to the new premiere of the new movie Yeo Jin Goo titled “Ditto”, an interpretation that will tell the story of a man and a woman in different times, in which they later find themselves talking through walkie-talkies, where Jungkook Coming across a beverage truck, with advertisements adorned with coffee cups as part of its promotion, she sent a cute message to Yeo Jin Goo that showed her love for him.

Taking into account the photos from the top of the truck, it says the following:

“I wish actor Yeo Jin Goo an early happy birthday and cheer on the cast and crew of Ditto.”

The banner from the left side, Jungkook recommends the director adorably taking care of Yeo:

“Headmaster, please take good care of Jin Goo! From Jin Goo’s friend Jungkook.”

While on the banner that he moves to the right, he refers to the actor as the protagonist of the film, commenting Jungkook:

“Kim Yong…it’s already great.”

Finally, the decals on the cups represent a pun on what translates to “agree” or “agree” in Korean, with the aim of moving people with Jin Goo’s face and a “yes.” agreement”.

Expressing the excitement of your promotion as follows:

“Your face, your tone of voice, your dance and your support have the power to move people. In agreement? If, according. Thank you Koooooooook!!!!”

Without a doubt Jungkook as a friend is the best!