Jungkook He has proven to be a person with a big heart due to his humility and shyness that differentiates him from others and even the “Golden Maknae” has a fortune of Wons and dollars, which he has given to the members on several occasions, making it clear to his favorite in Jimin, Since on his birthday, Jungkook with all his love decided to give him a luxurious bag, and this time the member would pay for a dinner for his favorite partner.

Jungkook never forgets his humbleness and love for people since he was a child, with only the first salary he was paid, at the age of 15 he went to buy clothes for his mother as a gift, making it clear the type of person he is and although the members have a life full of luxuries, they never forget the place where they started, so they know how to enjoy their success and help themselves, now he promised to pay Jimin a luxurious dinner in a very special place that he used to go and they shared a lot with the member.

This time the members began to discuss who would pay for the luxurious dinner for the parents of the idols, since at a concert, they had a meeting and the dancer wished from his heart, to share with his parents in a very special moment, so Jungkook He decided to pay it, showing the love he expresses towards the members:

“If they are happy, I will be happy”