Jungkook He is considered a very handsome and talented member, in addition to being very affectionate and sentimental with the people around him, he always maintains a serious profile when acting, undoubtedly clarifying a difficult way to meet and fall in love with the idol.

The idol has always revealed who the queen of his heart is, which he undoubtedly demonstrates daily on his social networks, and has even stated that in a letter he promised to marry her and give her a wedding ring, which is about nothing more and nothing less than the singer UIthe envy of ARMYbut despite that Jungkook has stayed away from romantic relationships to concentrate on his future musical career as a solo artist.

However, in an interview, the member spoke that throughout his love story between his father and mother, which was very good, he left a lot of love to his personality, although he expressed that he simply does not believe in that emotion and despite having several girlfriends, The idol feels that he will never meet a good person in his life.

In the case of golden Maknaehas pronounced that he will not marry and will never be present at the altar if he does not meet a good person, who is destined for him, since he would like to meet a young woman who does not even know who he is, something impossible due to the fame of the group, so that in it, he has no interest and no type of impediment due to his fame.

Currently the member is focused on his personal life and the success of his musical career, taking into account that to have a girlfriend, he would not be focused on his solo career, so he describes that it is better to be like this.