In a surprise treat for fans, BTS recently released a new video on their official BTS channel. Youtube titled “MBTI Lab 1”. In the video, the members updated fans on their latest MBTI results. Jungkook was one of the members whose MBTI type changed, he went from being an INFP, to an ISFP, to being an INTP.

And although his MBTI type has changed several times, ARMY it is not surprising that he has always remained an introvert. Jungkook’s personality as an introvert was only further shown when BTS proceeded to have some light-hearted discussions about how they would act in certain situations.

One of the questions members were asked was whether or not they thought it was possible to go an entire day without speaking. And unsurprisingly, Jungkook was one of the members who thought it was definitely possible. But even when they revealed their answers, bts He couldn’t help but wonder ifto talk” included text messages or phone calls.

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Suga even mentioned quarantine as an example of how Jimin, who was ultimately the only member who said it was impossible to go a day without talking, would call him every day to talk. And while debating whether video calls, phone calls or text messages are better… Jungkook admitted that “he hates both text messages and calls“.

And while its members can’t understand why Jungkook has a phone then, many fans can relate to Jungkook’s response. Jungkook. And one fan jokingly noted that there are much more important things about using your phone than just making calls or video calls.