Jungkook He is described as a logical, theoretical, silent and calm person, making clear several attributes in his personality that due to all this, he has been represented as one of the most popular members in the field of k pop, Due to his unparalleled talent when it comes to acting and singing, making his debut at the age of 15, he was a teenager who always thought he would go far and mark his destiny in music.

Currently Jungkook, is considered for ARMY, as the idol with the greatest visual attraction, thus being a complete love scandal for those fans who admire and desire him, he admits that his physical transformation, since his adolescence, became accelerated, since before he was known to have “eyes of Bambi”, and ARMY recently pronounced him as the “Prince of Disney”, for these reasons.

Jungkook through his image changes and the different styles of clothing used in various presentations, ARMY had the idea of ​​​​selecting some photos of the singer and comparing him with the world of Disney, although the truth will surprise you a lot with his resemblance:

Prince Eric – Jungkook:

You can certainly appreciate the resemblance to Prince Eric and Jungkook, although his appearance is not perfectly detailed, the singer demonstrates the attributes to be a real prince in this animated film:

Flynn- Jungkook:

Without a doubt, the character of the movie “Tangled” showed the best resemblance in funny scenes with the singer, illustrated by the followers:

Li Shang- Jungkook

Seeing Jungkook in a scene of traditional Korean costumes, he was taken into account as a character from “Mulan”. The Warrior Prince:

It was also treated in an application, where several comparisons of the idol were shown, in a world full of fantasy, thanks to a typical Disney animation application:

Being compared in several Disney movies with their princes, Jungkook expresses in the following image, the interior of that gentleman inside, given in his presentations, because he is admired for his beauty and the way he looked like a prince in the real life: