The golden maknae of bts He had an unexpected but romantic encounter with one of his favorite fans, which he will never forget.

Jungkook surprised more than one ARMY having a “romantic” encounter with a girl who became the envy of all his fans. The reasons are more than obvious, since very few have had such an opportunity.

In addition to having the opportunity to meet them in person, this girl has never been forgotten by Jungkook, since the Idol has a deep affection for her and showed it to him.

The golden maknae surprised this lucky girl during an autograph signing. The idol and minor member of BTS even remembered her name, and apparently also told her that she had pretty hands. According to what the ARMY relates, she attended a meeting during the 2017, since she is one of the idol’s favorite fans.

Jungkook looked at her until he remembered where he knew her from, he even asked her name to verify that she was the same young woman he met a year ago.

Definitely, ARMY If you can be envious of this girl, since having such good respect from Jungkook, it would be a dream come true for any fan of Jungkook. BTS.