The birthday of v, one of the members of bts, has made his groupmate jungkook will give him a curious gift that has made all his fans and followers go crazy. What did he give you? Golden Maknae?

The last member of BTS who has a birthday this 2022 has been V, who turned 27 on December 29, earning the congratulations of all his fans around the world and his fellow members. cluster.

This is how we have remembered an occasion where taehyung he talked about a gift he gave her jungkook and that impacted the entire ARMY and at the same time made them feel moved.

According to V, Jungkook once made him a delicious ramen on his birthday and they ate it together. The ARMY also shared a quiz where the singer revealed that the gift that he would like to give his partner is love and affection in the previous years.

This answer shocked ARMY, since it is well known that among some Internet users there is a rumor that V and Jungkook have something more than a friendship. However, these rumors have never been confirmed.

Despite this, both artists have always shared beautiful moments as friends, even going so far as to travel together and enjoy other activities outside their facets as professional artists.

And you, do you like the friendship between V Y jungkook ?